Kathleen Natural Cleanser & Toner

Hi Girls, hope your having a lovely week. So last week I was asked to test out the new Kathleen Natural Cleanser & Toner. These products haven’t even launched in the UK yet, so I’m super excited to have been one of the first, to test it out and share my review with you all. The products that were sent out to me was the Refreshing and lighting cleansing lotion, the Rebalancing & soothing tonifying mist and a gauze muslin face cloth. You can also watch my 1 minute video on instagram on how to use these products at this link.


Refreshing & Lightening Cleansing Lotion

The cleansing lotion contains 6 active ingredients, that help lift dirt, oil, makeup and impurities. To start I applied two pumps onto my skin and massaged deeply. I then soaked the gauze muslin face cloth in hot water and gently exfoliated and removed the cleanser.



Rebalancing & soothing tonifying mist

Next I used the tonifying mist, which is great for revitalizing and soothing skin. I sprayed this evenly across my face. The tonifying mist really leaves your skin refreshed and smooth, and it smells great. This product contains one my favourite ingredients which is Aloe Vera that’s great for replenishing skins moisture.




After using the Kathleen Natural  Cleanser & Toner, my skin felt really fresh, hydrated and glowing. What I really liked about these products was the gauze muslin cloth that’s used to remove the cleanser. It’s almost like all the dead cells on the skin get removed during this process leaving it clean and fresh. The tonifying mist is excellent and again really leaves your skin fresh and clean.



Over all I think these are great product and I will be adding them into my skin care regime. All these products are sold separately and will be available to buy form May 2017 on Kathleen Natural website.


Poonam x 


Disclaimer: These products were sent out to me by Kathleen Natural but as always opinions and views are 100% my own.

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