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What I got for valentine’s day

Hi lovelies Happy Valentine’s day I hope you all get to spend it with the one you love. So Abz and I headed down to Bicester Village over the weekend to spend the day shopping. I had a productive day of shopping including my Valentines present from Abz which was…

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Dubai Travel Diary

Hey girls so I finally got round to sorting out my photos to bring you a visual Dubai travel diary post. It’s taken me forever to get this post up and I think I’ve uploaded around 70 photos.  If you girls follow me on instagram you would have seen that…

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Tips for losing weight through lifestyle changes

If you’re anything like me losing weight means one thing, gym, gym and more gym. But recently I have switched my focus on to eating well, portion control and calorie management, and I’ve lost more weight in the last few months then I ever did by depending on the gym alone.  …

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