Q&A with eyebrow guru Shavata


From shaping, filling in brows, to over plucking – here’s an exclusive Q&A with eyebrow guru Shavata. 

To kick things off with my Lets Talk Beauty blog series, my first beauty topic is the biggest beauty trend of the past few years…BROWS. Everyone wants fleeky looking brows, and who better to guide us then the ultimate brow guru and founder of ‘Shavata Brows’ – Shavata Singh

Shavata has literally built an eyebrow empire with brow bars and salons across the country. And with clients such as, ex Vogue editors, Adele, Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson, let’s just say she’s TOTALLY got this.

So let’s all brow-down to Shavata as she tackles your brow questions, with her top industry tips.


How do I know what shape my eyebrows should be?

My top tips are firstly don’t fight nature, what I mean by that is if you have really thick brows then don’t pluck them thin, and if you have thin brows don’t try to make them thick. Going against your natural brow shape will mean that you’re constantly maintaining your brows because the regrowth will be so aggressive. My advice would be to grow out your brows so you have your natural shape and then visit an eyebrow expert, to define the shape that suits your face. It’s important that the brows are consistent and even throughout and there are no harsh lines.


What works best to fill in brows; pencil, powder or gel? 

They are all very different. I would use a pencil if I wanted to fill in the skin where I have gaps or wanted to create a shape. I would recommend a powder if I wanted to cover grey hairs or light hairs as well as my skin. And I would use a gel if I wanted to colour my hair and shape the brow. Whichever is used no one should be able to tell where the hair stops and where the makeup starts – it should all blend into one. And as I say to all my clients ‘Eyebrows should naturally look fabulous’.


Do you think the thick brows trend will be around for much longer?

I think so; eyebrows are not a luxury it’s a maintenance. Woman are much more educated and savvy and I think the thick brow trend is here to stay.


Recommendations for thicker brows – any natural remedies?

Castor Oil, the one I use is the Shavata Brow Strengthener. It’s an organic cold pressed oil and is the purest form of castor oil you can buy. The texture is very fine and silky which allows it to deeply penetrate the hair follicles and strengthen the hair roots. By using castor oil regularly i.e. once a day you will see that it makes brows healthier, stronger and darker in appearance within 1 month. I want to stress that castor oil doesn’t grow hair back but instead maintains and looks after the hair you already have, preventing any further thinning.


Threading or waxing brows and why?

It’s exactly the same because you are taking the brows out from the root. Both these treatments achieve the same result but you need to ensure that the therapist doing it is reliable. I always say it’s not the treatment that’s bad it all depends on the person carrying out the treatment. My top tip is take a look at the therapist’s brows, because if her brows are good then that’s an indication on what she will do yours like.


What’s your views on eyebrow stencils?

If it’s used well and you use gentle strokes to build your shape up it can look amazing. I would recommend using stencils if you struggle with creating the perfect shape, as the stencil guides you.


Micro blading verses filling in brows?

Micro blading may be the trend of the moment, but it can be tomorrow’s nightmare.  Because you are manually opening the skin and adding a tint on top, the results last for 2-3 years, so you could end up stuck with a look you are not entirely happy with for a long time. My advice is, before booking in for micro blading be sure to only go to someone who has come highly recommended. The biggest challenge for a therapist with micro blading is creating natural hair strokes – and a normal looking hair line. Make sure you have seen the therapists work and also look at their eyebrows, together these will give you an idea of the results you will see on yourself. It’s not the treatment that’s bad, it’s the person performing the treatment that will make the difference. I would always prefer filling in brows. 


Advice for maintaining brows without fuss?

For minimum fuss getting your brows professionally shaped and tinted once a month is the way forward. The tint lasts around 2 – 3 weeks and you can get both treatments done at the same time. I promise you they will look amazing.


Your best kept industry brow secret?

If you’ve made a mistake on your eyebrows don’t try to correct them by plucking more hairs to try and even them out. Instead fill them in and grow them out, and book an appointment to get them done professionally.



I hope you enjoyed the Q&A with Shavata. I had a serious insight into brows during this interview she really is an amazing entrepreneur and beauty leader.

You can book an appointment at any of the 24 brow bars across the UK at this link OR to learn more about Shavata brows check out www.shavata.co.uk

AND keep an eye out for my next ‘Let’s Talk Beauty’ blog post.

Poonam x

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