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Hi girls so if you follow me on instagram you would have seen my official unboxing of all these amazing Shavata Brow products. You might have also noticed my uncontrollable excitement as I went through the box…



I know right, so many fabulous products to get through. So for those of you who don’t know – Shavata is the ultimate brow Guru in the UK. She has around 24 brow studios across the UK complimented by an online store. And over the last few weeks I have been testing all these Shavata brow products out and wanted to share my favourite ones with you lovely girls. So let’s get started.


Brow Strengthening – Organic Castor Oil


OK so first up is this fabulous organic castor oil which can be used on both your lashes and eyebrows. So this oil is designed to give you thicker lashes and brows. I have been using this for 2 weeks and have applied it every night before bed. My brows definitely look thicker, and some of the gaps in my brows are no longer there. Both my brows and lashes look a lot healthier and shiner. But I have noticed a bigger difference in my brows then lashes.


I took a pic of my eyebrows before I started to use the castor oil and 2 weeks later. You can see that my brows look a lot fuller in the second pic. I’m totally loving this product.

Price £18
Buy here


Brow Brush

I always find that when dealing with brows, shorter tools work best. I love getting really close up to the mirror when filling in my brows so I can see exactly what I’m doing. And this brow brush is perfect for achieving just that. The brush is made with fine hairs and is angled, I love using it as it gives a really neat and natural brow application and allows you to fill in your brows with intricate detail.

Price £21
Buy here


Brow Perfector

This next product is a smooth trio of creamy shades for brows. I found this product to be really creamy so it’s a lot easier to blend into brows. I liked the fact that I had 3 shades and could easily mix them to get the perfect blend for my brows. The trio comes with two mini application brushes; I’m really loving this brow perfector.

Price £24
Buy here 


Volumising Mascara

I love long lushes’ lashes, and this volumising mascara is a fabulous product in achieving just that. The brush is really thick and angled so it helps to really get right underneath your lash line giving you that amazing flutter.

Price £15
Buy here


Although I loved using all the products that were sent out to me, I found that the ones above suited me most and I’ll continue using them as part of my beauty routine. I would love to hear your thoughts and views; you can leave your comments below.


Poonam x


The team at Shavata sent out these products to me but as always views and opinions are my own based on testing products.


  1. Issa
    13th February 2017 / 12:49 am

    Great post really enjoyed reading it, your smile is perfect x

  2. 15th February 2017 / 8:15 am

    Absolutely stunning!

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