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Hey girls wow can you believe it’s Christmas next week! How fast has this year gone like seriously. So we’re off to Berlin for Christmas so excited. And this week is all about prepping like, getting my hair, nails, and lashes done. I’m having a total pampering week. Sticking to the topic of pampering, one of my go to products for hair care throughout 2017 has been the SNI Natural Hair Oil. And that’s what I wanted to talk to you about today. This hair oil has contributed towards my hair care routine throughout 2017 and I want to show you guys the amazing results that you can achieve at home by using this oil. So here’s my step by step guide on how to use the SNI Natural Hair Oil to get amazing results. Enjoy x


OK so before starting it’s always good to take a ‘before’ pic, and here’s mine. My hairs kind of frizzy, a little dry and could do with some taming. I normally use SNI hair oil to add nourishment and hydration back into my hair, especially in the winter when my hair starts to feel a lot more dry and brittle.

How to apply SNI hair oil

So guys this oil is applied to dry hair, it’s super important that you get into the scalp of your hair and really massage the oil in. I normally start off with applying the oil to my scalp, them move down to the main body of my hair and finish off with the tips. I love that the oil formula is lightweight and not thick or greasy which makes it easier to wash out.


How long to leave it in for?

Once applied I normally leave it in for 2hours, and get some stuff done around the house. By that I mean I go sit on the sofa with a cup of coffee and catch up with the Kardashian’s lol.

If you really want amazing results I occasionally wrap a hot towel around my hair, this is great for reversing hair damage and promoting hair growth. You can also leave the oil on overnight but personally I prefer not to, and I think you get amazing results by leaving it on for just a few hours.

Right time to tie up my hair and make a coffee.


Style hair

OK so after a few hours, throughly wash your hair, to be honest the SNI oil is really easy to wash out. After washing I style it as normal. I always blow dry my hair followed by straightening.

The hair appliances I use are both GHD straighteners and blow dryer.



I’ve been using the SNI Natural Hair Oil as part of my hair care routine throughout 2017 and the results are always amazing.

I mean check out that super sleek shine it’s gorgeous. It feels so healthy and soft and really nourishes my hair. And look there’s no frizz yayyy!

I normally use SNI hair oil once a week and to be honest I’ve seen a huge difference in my hair game. But you can use the oil up-to 3 times per week depending on your hair condition.


I think it’s fair to say that i’ll be taking my SNI Natural Hair Oil into 2018, and continue to use it as part of my weekly hair care routine.

I’ve added some useful info below for anyone that’s interested in knowing more about this hair oil.

SNI hair oil is great for:
Hair loss
Promoting hair growth
Strengthening hair
Combating frizz
Hydration & Nourishment

So guys this is my last post before Christmas so hope you all have an awesome Christmas and stay blessed.

Poonam x

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