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Kathleen Natural Cleanser & Toner

Hi Girls, hope your having a lovely week. So last week I was asked to test out the new Kathleen Natural Cleanser & Toner. These products haven’t even launched in the UK yet, so I’m super excited to have been one of the first, to test it out and share my…

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My skin care routine

Hi girls, so I get asked a lot about my skin care routine and thought I would do a blog post on it. You can also head over to my instagram to watch my 1-minute video. To be honest my skin care routine is quite simple, but I have definitely…

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The importance of using face serums

Today’s post is all about the importance of using face serums, and in particular a face serum that I’ve been using over the last month. Face serums are probably one of the most underused beauty products, but one of the most essential for anyone that wants healthy, illuminating skin.  …

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